Whimsical drawings
In every culture and throughout the ages people have used works of art to reduce stress and bring happiness into their lives. My answer to this universal need has been to create whimsical cartoon-like drawings to amuse, delight and distract viewers from their worries. The drawings feature imaginary people, animals and objects that evoke but do not represent reality. They are inspired by graphic and aboriginal art, surrealism, minimalism, abstraction and even cubism but fit comfortably in none of these categories.

Music too informs my art. I often use a special line or shape throughout a work, much as a composer uses a musical "motif" to give unity to his composition.

My whimsical drawings as viewed below fall into four categories: Characters, Companions, For Kids and Miscellaneous. Prints are available in black and white, and in a standard 8 1/2 x 11 inches in size; larger sizes are available by special request. Enjoy!

To Purchase:
$15.00 Canadian ( which includes matt along with print ) plus shipping and handling. Please provide preference for air or surface mail and your address, and I will provide a shipping and handling quote. Enquiries can be addressed to 11flevin@gmail.com or simply fill in the form on the ORDER page.


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Drawings For Children
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