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Welcome to my Blog. Here you will find articles, music, photos and humor, some of my own, and some I wish to share. I hope you enjoy these postings and return often to my web site to catch up on what's new, and take advantage of the interesting freebies that will be provided from time to time. Leave a comment or share if you like.

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Auld Lang Syne

A contemporary arrangement I wrote for Auld Lang Syne

Beautiful Vancouver

Beautiful Vancouver, Historical Note 

Beautiful Vancouver was self-published by the composer, George Brownson in 1952. Nothing seems to have become of the song, and no information is available about the composer or what became of him. 

I found…

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Jazzy Birthday & Melody for Michael

Jazzy Birthday

Every pianist at some time has to play Happy Birthday, I prepared this arrangement for those who might like to do something jazzy. An optional five measure Intro is provided to help singers begin on key and…

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Practicing Hints

There are prodigies who can sit down at the piano and learn effortlessly, but most students must practice diligently to play well. Often students frustrate themselves by trying to do too much at once. Attempting to handle notes, fingering, timing…

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Here are a few original puns I call Levinisms

Q: What is better than to rise and shine? 
A: Rise and reflect 

Q:What's the appeal of bicycling? 
A: Its wheel-y fun 

Q: How must you behave…

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